The Crux Files

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Crux is about supporting sustainability leaders – that’s you! – in being more effective change agents, and doing so in a compassionate, fun, engaging and irreverent way.

I started this blog because I felt that the vast majority of sustainability communication is either missing in action (not happening), missing the mark (not hitting the target audience/s in a way that resonates) or missing the point (focusing on the wrong thing).

So much of our sustainability communications is the equivalent of shouting loudly at someone who does not speak our own language. Becoming ever more strident, earnest, or scary is not going to create the shift.

If people aren’t getting it, that’s not their fault – its OUR fault, because its our responsibility to frame and communicate our messages so they resonate.

This blog is no longer being posted to regularly (though I still post to the Crux Facebook page), however there is 2-3 years’ worth of material that remains relevant and useful.

Here are some of the best offerings from Cruxcatalyst, including guest posts, on values, interpersonal communication, psychology, leadership and more. Use the drop down arrows to the right of this page under ‘Crux Files’ to explore this repository fully.


Values & Motivating People

physical and sticker badgesfour different big cats, eyes featured in layered horizontal strips red, brown, green and gold eyes



man in suit holding a black face mask over his face, having just taken off a similar white face mask russell brand with his 'fag pimp brand' sign, a gift from the WBC


Sustainability Thinking

young child in a forest touching a web of energy, green light human brain - left half grey cubicle farm, right half colourful image of people in nature


Understanding People

grid of icons styled from iconic movie characters an early version of Bugs Bunny, reclining eating a carrot and reading 'Victory thru Hare Power'



cartoon images of people all speaking in different coloured cartoon bubbles (no words - different colours show different 'dialects') graffiti art of beggar holding a sign that says 'keep your coins, I want change'


Case Studies

screenshot of online news story about LDOA reuniting pets and owners Jamie Oliver, dressed in pea pod costume, holding fork to mouth of little boy pleading with the reluctant little fellow to eat!

  • the University of Adelaide’s campus sustainability program Ecoversity, and how the Lost Dogs of Adelaide social media phenomenon could translate to local sustainability


Self Care for Change Agents

heart shaped yellow candy with 'Just Say No' imprinted on it in red


Changemaker Profiles

  • how leading change agents approach their work


Michel Bauwens, founder of the Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives

headshot of Neal

Neal Gorenflo, founder of Shareable

headshot of Ben Dyson

Ben Dyson, founder of Positive Money

headshot of dana pearlman

Dana Pearlman, cofounder of the Global Leadership Lab

headshot of Brett Scott

Brett Scott, activist, campaigner and author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed, commented, Tweeted and shared the content you’ve found on my blog, and to Donnie Maclurcan, Mike Freedman, Michael Michalko, Chris Rose, Susan WeinschenkBarrett C Brown and David Lavenda who contributed, or gave permission for me to republish their work as, a guest post.

Sharon Ede
Founder, Cruxcatalyst
Cofounder, Post Growth Institute
Founder, Share Adelaide


crux, meaning both at the core (or the crossroads), and also rather aptly in relation to sustainability:

— n pl cruxes cruces

1.     a vital or decisive stage, point
2.     a baffling problem or difficulty

catalyst, meaning change agent

– noun

1.     a person or thing that precipitates an event or change